Humans as Trees

imageA philosophical blogger inquired as to how many different ways there are to measure time.   Instantly I thought of one not listed. “By my rings.” I was not talking about bobbles on my fingers, but referring to my inner markings.

On the outside there is evidence of our physical trauma. A drooping left eye from being half-blinded. A throat scar from a hole that once provided air. A piece of dark cloth embedded under a ugly keloid mass.  These are what people see.

But there is more. Look beyond the exterior bark. Take a nice cross section slice.  The rings of our lives will reveal periods of steady growth along with some more or less stunted years where nutrients were lacking despite our will.

Then there are the sudden strikes. When lightening found our trunks and tried to take us down. Emotional toll. This is not outwardly visible damage but surely it is written somewhere inside of us.

What time is it now?  I hope it is a time of growth and your branches are seeking light.

The Hideous Bonsai


3 thoughts on “Humans as Trees

    • Too kind really. I do feel a bit empowered. I was getting it all wrong even up to a few weeks ago. But I turned a corner and it has to do with listening and stories. My story is just in the background for reference. I read probably 50 blog posts a day without any expectations.

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  1. I appreciate the truth of this… the simplicity… of knowing that who I have been can be a powerful platform for who I might become. The evidence of my life, lived, can be the fuel that propels. Thank you, Stacy, for a great reminder!


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