Breaking Good

Two recent memoirs written by American women married to Asian men have the words "good" and "wife" in the titles.  This is by no means random.  Married women are to be attentive, dutiful and obedient.  It is a cultural norm perpetuated by both parties . . . husband and wives alike. For Tracy Slater, her marriage … Continue reading Breaking Good

Chubby Business – My Life as a Lean Fat Cat

Like a cat I've lived multiple "lean" lives since first encountering the philosophy in 1997. For reference I'll list and number these incarnations  in chronological order. 1. English instructor, private English academy, Tokyo Japan 2. Interpreter for Japanese automotive, US 3. Contract interpreter for a Japanese lean consulting firm, US 4. Kaizen/training manager for American … Continue reading Chubby Business – My Life as a Lean Fat Cat