Avoiding a Spiritual Infestation

Our belief and prayers are our fortune. With them we have more than a fighting chance; without them we are overrun. There will always be invaders, and what amounts to our portion becomes a "wheel of misfortune" for those who try to hurt us. Our first night at our camp was straight out of hell. … Continue reading Avoiding a Spiritual Infestation


Where Do You Belong?

  My reckless adoption of a foreign culture caused me to abandon everything I knew to be true about how young girls and women should be treated and it began with a question many teenagers ask themselves, that is "Where do I belong?" Upon reflection, when we stop long enough to see how the world … Continue reading Where Do You Belong?

Lean to Love: Continuous Improvement’s Worldview

"Bad processes beat good people" is a continuous improvement saying attributed to the Godfather of quality control, engineer W. Edward Deming.  The intent is to direct us away from blaming individuals and keep us focused on making processes easier for all who perform them. The key to this statement is of course "good" people--  because … Continue reading Lean to Love: Continuous Improvement’s Worldview

Shame vs. Guilt: Japan’s Missing Boy

Yamato Tanooka-chan, the dear seven year-old boy who was “fake-abandoned” as punishment for God only knows what indiscretion, was undoubtedly being shamed when he was left on the roadside. Berating and belittling drives conformity and is inherent in the Japanese way.  Anthropologist Ruth Benedict described the important difference between "shame" and "guilt" cultures in her 1946 … Continue reading Shame vs. Guilt: Japan’s Missing Boy