Where Do You Belong?



Bonsai at home in Michigan attending the annual outhouse races

My reckless adoption of a foreign culture caused me to abandon everything I knew to be true about how young girls and women should be treated and it began with a question many teenagers ask themselves, that is “Where do I belong?”

Upon reflection, when we stop long enough to see how the world really works, the answer seems obvious.  Be quiet and still for the answer is breathed.

“Why my dear child . . . don’t you realize that all along you are to be where you began?”  

Near Death and Japan – How I left home

The Hideous Bonsai



9 thoughts on “Where Do You Belong?

  1. Although my Japanese experience was more positive than yours, in the end I did find myself gently led back home to my own roots, but, I feel, better for the experience. It reminds me of a line from Rules for a Knight: “You are always in the right place at exactly the right time, and you always have been.”

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    • Wherever you go you will always deep down inside be reconciling that place with your true home; which is, despite all that you might enjoy about the place you are or dream of, where you belong.

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