The Wind and the Waves

I awake at 2am, worried about something . . .somethings . . .which are two very important people. Eyes open I pray. . .pray that all is well with both and that this week will bring good news. The wind picks up and with it the waves of the big lake just a block away. … Continue reading The Wind and the Waves


The Six-Foot Bonsai

Born a white pine, Lashed by the wind that blows, From Lake Michigan to Erie, The sapling uprooted interred, Into a vessel small. And willingly, for the sake of becoming an ideal, Allowed its limbs to be trained, Wrapped in wire, angled. Clipped and mangled. Striking a pose, a near permanent fix, The Six-Foot Bonsai was … Continue reading The Six-Foot Bonsai

500 Years to Ashes: The Death of a Family Line

Toyo was his idol.  Barely able to speak since the onset of something resembling dementia, her grandson relied on the old woman's expressive eyes to understand.  With telepathic abilities he knew when she needed a softer floor cushion and dialed the TV to her favorite sport sumo. "Right Man," the justified but unjustifiable name given … Continue reading 500 Years to Ashes: The Death of a Family Line

Honky on the “Black Side”

Lives Lines matter.  Where there are clear, solid lines without breaks or dashes to pass through there is division.  Where there is division there is an "other."  Where there is an "other" there is almost always disparity, misunderstanding and distrust. Fifteen years ago I naively walked smack dab into a powder keg of racial tension when … Continue reading Honky on the “Black Side”

East Village Spirituality- a repost

Spiritual neutrality is non-committal and if you were the all -knowing creator of this universe how would this sit with you? If your children denied your existence and the direction you provided– attributed what you said to some general feel-good meme . . . how would you take it?

imageHumans were placed on the same boat (this earth) with diversity– physical diversity, circumstantial diversity and more.  And although we may flounder and feel like orphans, we were provided a cox, the embodiment of God, to help us row together and win as one race (the human one).  If we do not listen and trust Jesus Christ our rowing team will fall apart and our boat will turn in circles. Let’s not pussyfoot around the matter! There is an ultimate truth.

Please read the entire post linked below from “Beautybeyondbones.”  She is a beautiful young Christian lady with a great heart. Her perspective reflects God’s love and is thought provoking.  If you wonder what’s wrong with this world please read!


If you want to know what’s going on in the world, just look at graffiti.

I swear, take a walk through the Lower East Side of New York, and you’ll get a better and more accurate depiction of the issues than even Buzzfeed will report.

And let’s be honest here: I love a good street art display. Banksy has taken the possibilities of a spray can from a crude gang tag, to a high concept art instillation. While all the while remaining anonymous…and dodging the law.

#goals…except the whole breaking the law part lol

But as I was heading out to meet up with my friends this past Friday night, I came across some graffiti that literally made me stop and take a picture.

Because it reflected, what I personally believe, is the most detrimental way of thinking, that frankly is F-ing a lot of things up.

And that…

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