The Wind and the Waves

imageI awake at 2am, worried about something . . .somethings . . .which are two very important people. Eyes open I pray. . .pray that all is well with both and that this week will bring good news.

The wind picks up and with it the waves of the big lake just a block away.  From my cracked window I can hear them begin to crash against the shore.  It is another summer storm brewing.

Instinctively I get up for a glass of water, then take a seat next to my neglected daily source– a devotional my husband picked up on a whim two years before. It came to mind that I’d ignored it in my busy-ness.  Two-thirds in I find my bookmark. Opening to see where it was I left off three or four months past I find a note scrawled  “For Dear One.”

The first paragraph for that day reads:

When you are tense and unrelated, you are still centered in yourself.  You are the center of reference; you are trying to hold your world together.  When you relax, you shift the center of reference from yourself to God.  You are no longer a self-centered person, but a God-centered person.  Relaxation means release from yourself.  When you are unrelaxed and tense, you are like a person who holds his breath in order to save his lungs. The lungs are saved only as you allow them to take in and give out.  So you too are saved only as you take in prayer and give out service to others.”   E. Stanley Jones, Abundant LIving 1942

It was the last message I’d read before losing touch with my center.  I had started each morning reading a page and the recommended scriptures– supporting evidence of the devotion.  Then I stopped.  Becoming self-centered, and everything became harder . . .clearly more difficult.

I must remember to focus outwardly.  Thank you Lord for waking me.  It is well.  It is well . . .and good night, once more amen.


12 thoughts on “The Wind and the Waves

  1. PS, I had a dream last night about seeing a cherry blossom tree out of my window. as I taught a class With your background, I imagine you may have some knowledge on this tree’s symbolism. Any thoughts?

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  2. I too have dealt with this same thing. Isn’t it crazy how difficult and heavy life seems when you aren’t communicating with God on a regular basis? It amazes me. I find that in order for me to have a day that I actually feel alive, I need to reach out to God. There are days when I am tense, and all I need to do is reach out to God.

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