What Do People Find Unbelievable About You?

Has anyone ever questioned a personal disclosure that you’ve just made– a fact about you that YOU of all people should know?  We’ve all had this experience at one time or another, and for a second you pause and wonder . . .are they really bold-face questioning my honesty or are they just so aghast at my claim that they can’t think straight?

Well I tell you, I have been questioned so many times about two very basic facts about myself that I have come to 100% expect that as soon as the words “I’m blind in my left eye” or “I was Japanese interpreter for several years” leave my mouth I know what the other person will say next.

“You mean you can’t see out of your left eye?” 

“No that’s what blind means.”

“So if I wave . . .”

(other person moves over to my left side and waves)

“. . .you cannot see me?” 

“No.  Where are you?”

“No light, nothing?”


I have come to believe that being blind in one eye is pretty rare or I’m more graceful and better looking than I think!   Because frankly I run in to a lot of shit (other cars, people, and walls) and my left eye is pretty droopy in my opinion.

And when it comes to my bilingual abilities I often end up becoming some kind of trick pony.

“So you must be fluent in Japanese then?”

“Well if you are going to earn a living as a technical interpreter for the automotive industry that would require being fluent yes.”  

“Ok.  Say something in Japanese!”

At which point I tell the person how ridiculous they are to make me speak Japanese for their entertainment (in Japanese of course.).

What is really funny about all of this (and believe me I do chuckle inside when I hear these questions) is that there is so much more to my story . . .so many crazy facts, that once the person standing in front of me has questioned one of these two things I feel the conversation is basically over or I’m going to have to crack a few jokes at their expense.  I mean if someone is going to question a physical disability how will they ever believe that I, an American born and raised, married and divorced not just one, but two Japanese men?   Or that I, a very outspoken woman, used to be berated and intimidated to the point of self harm?  No I really can’t go there now can I?

Beyond the four facts listed above, here are a few more in no particular order.  Again, many are tough for me to swallow in that I wish these events never happened; but others might be considered humorous.

– I once innocently stole a bicycle and rode it around for days thinking it was my own.

– I’ve totaled one car, caused four auto accidents, and I stopped driving (for the most part) 5 years ago as a result.

– I moved to Japan for a time leaving my children with their father in the U.S.; a decision I will forever regret.

– I once walked home along the frozen shore of Lake Michigan for 10 miles in the dark because I was furious with an extended family member.

– I can’t think of anyone I wouldn’t forgive; and that includes some pretty bad characters.


– My first full-time job was as a union meat cutter

– I once did a stand up comedy routine called “Timmy the Alligator” that can be found on YouTube if you search hard enough. (P.S. I’m kind of proud of it.)

– If I could be anything today I would be a Christian comic.

– I have won two first place trophies in boat parades playing the role of “Cherry Knievel- Evil’s 5th wife” which of course is a completely fictional character.


– I know the nitty gritty details of how to pass a drug test but I have no personal reason for processing this knowledge (and yes I will freely share my expertise in this area if you aren’t an addict and it is for a good cause.)

So what is it about you that people question?  Does anyone have a good word (real or made up) to describe the situation whereby you firmly and clearly state a fact about yourself but are invariably questioned on it?  Finally, would you question any of the facts I’ve included in this post?



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