What The Victim Didn’t Know

Seconds after I turned left onto M-63 I heard a loud thud and caught, out of the corner of my eye, what appeared to be a flailing arm.  I stopped dead and jumped out of the Jeep to find a young woman and her bicycle down in front of me.  There was no blood...no visible … Continue reading What The Victim Didn’t Know


My One-Eyed Genie

I positioned the daruma in the most prominent spot on my makeshift dresser top shrine. I had purchased the three-inch papier-mâché roly-poly, the smallest among several available versions, for a paltry 300 yen from a temple near Yuki’s house. Apparently it was a Buddhist talisman capable of granting one wish. My Japanese sister had told … Continue reading My One-Eyed Genie

The Minimalist’s Last Frontier: The Fridge

Normally talk of minimalism involves belongings-- smaller homes, fewer knicknacks, functional wardrobes and the like, but rarely does it mention food and the fridge.  Being frugal at the grocery store really isn't anything new. Many of our parents or grandparents were actually masters.  It seems, however, that convenience has made serious food management an all … Continue reading The Minimalist’s Last Frontier: The Fridge

Making Books Without a Stapler: Blood, Sweat and $$$$

I can distinctly remember in 2nd grade being told that I was "good at writing."  Having just made my first collection of poems with illustrations I was proud.  I vividly recall thinking, how I might just become a writer someday...which to my small 7-year old mind meant "making books for the library without a stapler." … Continue reading Making Books Without a Stapler: Blood, Sweat and $$$$

On Earth As It Is…

From this scene that appeared before me after a long wet spell,  I realized. That...sometimes the earth does in fact mirror heaven. When an angel appears  in an effortless kind act; And in the instant when a splendor that we cannot imagine is exposed as an almost touchable mirage. Bonsai