On Earth As It Is…

From this scene that appeared before me after a long wet spell,  I realized.

That…sometimes the earth does in fact mirror heaven.

When an angel appears  in an effortless kind act;

And in the instant when a splendor that we cannot imagine is exposed as an almost touchable mirage.




4 thoughts on “On Earth As It Is…

    • Thank you so much for viewing. That was my view when I looked up from my computer (day job) and I quickly grabbed my iPad and ran out! Everyday is beautiful in the Hiawatha National Forest rain or shine, but this reflection was unusually vivid.


  1. I was wondering.. I love this photo so much… I was wondering if I can have a copy of it to take to my ladies Bible study… I am just one person but I was thinking it may be a good pic to represent the group… I don’t know but I just thought I would ask them if they liked it for that. But I first would need to know if it is ok with you and if you would be ok to send it to me? Julia



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