Fence Sitting Eve

Hi “Big Daddy.”

So I hear you’re the man.  I’ve never really met you in person so I don’t know. People say you love me and that you surely have my back, but most of the good that has happened in my life seems to have occurred by my effort or chance.  Therefore I don’t really need you at this point.

But at the same time, I like the idea of you, or someone like you.  Someone powerful that listens and cares.  But it seems like a risk to say “You are the one!” without concrete proof.   Anyway if you are who you say you are, in the end, won’t you love me anyway? I am a decent person who just wants to play it safe and be open to the possibility that someone else could have created me.  That seems reasonable no?

So for now, I think, I’d like to keep the door open to a relationship with you.  And, if you don’t mind, in the future I may toss out a request or two to see if you answer the call.   Oh and, if there is any inheritance it would be neat to be included…just saying :).



Dear Eve,

I’ve always loved you and I have your back even if it doesn’t seem like it.  Trust me, watching you fail or experience pain affects me deeply, but it is important that you work things out on your own as much as you can.  You may not think you need me, but never be afraid to ask for help.  I will intervene on your behalf if what you are asking is for the greater good– which by the way is not always immediately clear.

It does bother me that you question my paternity, but I’m not about forcing this relationship.  Yes I will always love you regardless of whether you return that love; and whether or not you are a good person.  But at some point I hope you will call me your father.  The proof of who I am is all around you– and details were even recorded as evidence by witnesses. If you are asking for something equivalent to a paternity test, that is simply beneath me.

Trust me, I find you more than adequate as a daughter.  I never demand perfection.  On the contrary I have a big heart for those who grow and learn during their time on earth!  However, at the same time, the fact that you don’t fully recognize me is a sticking point in our relationship and would affect your inheritance at the end of the day.  I just can’t give you a piece of my treasure without a real commitment from you.

Love, Your Father


The other day two different people told me they believe in the power of prayer.  In the same breath, they divulged that they don’t necessarily believe in a specific God. How would it feel if one of your own children took this position toward you?  Only calling you when they needed you and doubting your love?  How do you think this sits with our creator?   If you pray, if you desire a beautiful inheritance, then get off the fence and love completely.

God has given you the stepping stones to faith…evidence that takes you 90% of the way home if you open your mind.  The final 10% is somewhat of a leap– a push onward from a place of indecision to commitment.  Does He really have to do it all?  Shouldn’t we have skin in the game?

Let’s do this thing! Doing nothing in this regard is ultimately a bad option.  It is as simple as that.



 “Awoke to find three vultures sitting on the fence. Realizing they were a portent to death I shot them.”  Bridget Allison


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