A Book and Tea Club Night

Meet the Author via Skype! Select "The Six-Foot Bonsai" for your next book club read and enjoy an evening of tea (green) with little old me!  During our virtual chat I'll answer your questions, however personal they may be and receive your critical feedback.  And best of all, it's perfectly free! The Bonsai tale is … Continue reading A Book and Tea Club Night


My Rabbit Ears

Once I bought some rabbit ears. Hoping to see something beyond my window, a supplement to a stack of stale DVDs.   The one channel I could see, had news from afar; a town three hours from me. And in the morning, before the sun, the farm report was read from a simple stage. No flash, … Continue reading My Rabbit Ears

Our March Towards Madness

Cultural differences have existed as long as humanity. Our social forms and norms defined by place, time and strength of voice--- dictating ethics for everyone belonging to a particular society or group.  In the past, we would look at other cultures, see their ways, and make arguments for or against, but generally, as we rarely commingled, … Continue reading Our March Towards Madness

A March on Tokyo in Tokyo?

Apparently, there was a women's march on Washington in Tokyo-- an anti-Trump rally organized by expats with about 600 plus participants including dozens of Japanese nationals.  While I appreciate all of you who were traveling in Japan or are living there on a more permanent basis taking the time out to support your female comrades … Continue reading A March on Tokyo in Tokyo?

The Social Blindness of Anime Fandom

Anime fans around the world hold more power than they might imagine.  They are spending big money and Japan is raking in.  As potential movers and shakers in the world of popular culture, what then should these fans do with their strong influence?  Ask for more and better quality anime? It seems so. Recently I … Continue reading The Social Blindness of Anime Fandom