My Rabbit Ears

img_0119Once I bought some rabbit ears.

Hoping to see something beyond my window,

a supplement to a stack of stale DVDs.


The one channel I could see,

had news from afar;

a town three hours from me.

And in the morning, before the sun,

the farm report was read from a simple stage.

No flash, montage or spin.

Just the weather and the price of beans.


It was not so long ago,

a decade I suppose, that my rabbit ears were rendered,

by some FCC rule, obsolete–

replaced by wire and something high-speed.

And now I know the price of everything,

but the price of beans.


By Bonsai





7 thoughts on “My Rabbit Ears

    • Thank you Belle! I so appreciated those simple days when I was mesmerized by the simple news. My husband “Pier Jesus” (named for his willingness to help others learn to fish the pier in our town) loves football and that is why we require cable TV…otherwise I would go back to those stale DVDs and the radio. The barrage these days!

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  1. This struck a nerve for me. Having grown up with free over-the-air TV, I hated being forced (compelled!! against my will!!!!)to spend money for new equipment and for programming. We have made adjustments here, and it is not so onerous anymore, but still…

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