The “Less-ness” Place

img_0118It came to me in a half sleep,

that eternity is without time.

Some artists Imagine, there is nothing worthwhile there,

but it was quite the opposite–

as, I could take in something perfectly pleasant,

without an urge to finish, release, complete…

no pressure to end or start.


I was sitting on a lawn swing made of log,

looking over a beautiful lake.

The cycles of sun and moon ornate;

variations for entertainment’s sake,

as calendar days there were not.


Imagine there is no limit.

No crunch, killing, passing, taking, running out of.

A “less-ness” place of peace.

By Bonsai




6 thoughts on “The “Less-ness” Place

  1. The mystics say time is an illusion, and so I believe. The point of power is in the present, and it can contain heaven or hell, depending on what we choose to see. There is a difference between “natural time,” such as the cycles of sun and moon, and “artificial time.” With clocks we create “artificial time” which leads to time pressure, urgency, and other symptoms of the current age.

    Your poetry is evocative, too. Timeless.

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