Muted Me

shadowThe muted me appeared.

Attached to my feet,

longer than usual, against

a backdrop of pure snow.

The less-ness me, without face, color, or detail…

changing height (and width) as I turned.

Still in control.

I see her from time to time when the light is right,

and I chose to pay attention.

But on this day she was boldly standing on the ice where

there was no distraction.

It’s true I keep her down.

Grounded by all that keeps me here.

Love, fear of dying, and the idea that,

some immensely pleasurable thing I enjoy today,

I would miss.

With no eyes, nose, ears or toes,

she ascribes no value as I do.

Instead she issues without voice–

love, joy of being, and peace in her knowledge that,

an immeasurable, limit-less existence is

that which is absent now,

but to come.


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