A Great Resource for Writers

When you are an indie author, promotional help is a lovely thing.  On "The Story Reading Ape's Blog" (TSRA), Site Master Chris introduces new writers every day and provides a vast array of promotional resources.   He is not only a giving blogger, reading and keeping up with all comments, but the time Chris spends reviewing … Continue reading A Great Resource for Writers


Blogs I Like (and you might too!)

  Yoshida-san from Japanese Insider Site kindly nominated me for the "Blogger’s Recognition Award"  which I humbly accept.  Thank you for thinking of old Bonsai! Per the rules, I am to tell you why I started blogging (because I wrote a book called "The Six Foot Bonsai") and provide two bits of advice (read more … Continue reading Blogs I Like (and you might too!)

The Problem With Japan and Cute

No Ordinary Pedophile: Japan's Tendency Toward Cuteness By now most everyone in the world knows about Japanese anime-- their wonderfully imaginative cartoons.  If you are unfamiliar or only vaguely aware, the Japanese manufacture tons of comics, animation and related products. While most of it is uniquely creative and entertaining, a certain portion should cause consumers to … Continue reading The Problem With Japan and Cute


It could be any place, any thing, anybody.  We can all become obsessed.  The surface of most things is much lovelier and interesting than what is hidden from our view. Read Chris Kincaid's review of Bonsai, a story of cultural addiction, in Japan Powered.  Link #culturaladdict #japanaholic

Review: “Made in Japan From an Anthropological and Psychoanalytic Perspective”

Over the past 35 years Japan has really carved out a niche for itself when it comes to consumer goods.  For every item one can imagine, there are so many variations; some very sophisticated and luxurious, others unbelievably fanciful or cute.  The Japanese are simply the best at making products that entice.  And why is … Continue reading Review: “Made in Japan From an Anthropological and Psychoanalytic Perspective”