A wonderful anime/Japanese culture blog featuring librarian Chris Kincaid

It could be any place, any thing, anybody.  We can all become obsessed.  The surface of most things is much lovelier and interesting than what is hidden from our view.

Read Chris Kincaid’s review of Bonsai, a story of cultural addiction, in Japan Powered.  Link

#culturaladdict #japanaholic


2 thoughts on “Obsessed?

    • Mr. Kincaid being a librarian and loving Japan at the same time really knows his stuff. He is objective– which many Japanophiles are not. I think it is important to understand that with culture, there may be something very interesting and fun on the surface; but watch out for the values, beliefs and tendencies underneath that support it. And so it is with beautiful and interesting people. Don’t adore what you don’t really know or understand.

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