A wonderful anime/Japanese culture blog featuring librarian Chris Kincaid

It could be any place, any thing, anybody.  We can all become obsessed.  The surface of most things is much lovelier and interesting than what is hidden from our view.

Read Chris Kincaid’s review of Bonsai, a story of cultural addiction, in Japan Powered.  Link

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4 thoughts on “Obsessed?

    • Mr. Kincaid being a librarian and loving Japan at the same time really knows his stuff. He is objective– which many Japanophiles are not. I think it is important to understand that with culture, there may be something very interesting and fun on the surface; but watch out for the values, beliefs and tendencies underneath that support it. And so it is with beautiful and interesting people. Don’t adore what you don’t really know or understand.

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  1. Hello again,

    Japan seems to cultivate this obsession you have described in your blog and book. Some people fawn over the culture, the people, the idea of Japan, without dare I say, really understanding it, because they are falling in love with an image. This obsession isn’t something you see so much (in the West) with regards to other countries. Such people’s obsession with Japan is more than interest or a fad, or appreciation of a different culture, but seems to be borderline insanity.

    Such people will find any excuse to talk about Japan to anyone, especially to any Asian-looking person, even when the person has no connection to Japan at all. The same people have often become very angry and aggressive and insulting if anyone in the group mentions that Japan isn’t perfect, mentions a bad experience they had in Japan, or say Japan just isn’t for them. One woman obsessed with Japan showing off her Japanese husband got really angry and shrieked “racist” when someone told her that they found Japan weird so they left after a couple of years (a view one doesn’t have to agree with, but which one is entitled to). She then added Japanese people love her as a blonde woman, so maybe the person who found Japan weird (who was not) was just “jealous”.

    These people obsessed with Japan often seem to act in highly irrational, dysfunctional ways and take criticism of Japan as personal attacks. Every time someone criticises Japan or refuses to fawn over Japan, they twist it into a personal attack onto that person. As if they can’t bear the thought that other people do not share their obsessive love with Japan. They are intolerable. You can’t have a rational conversation on the topic of Japan with such people. And being in Japan only feeds their ego. It’s very strange, as I haven’t noticed this level of obsession with people interested in say, Korea or Thailand or Russia. I actively avoid such people nowadays.

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    • Hello Hausfrau. Thank you for returning and providing such thoughtful comments. I completely agree and understand the obsession with Japan as I was once such a girl way back in the early eighties. The culture with all of it’s ritualistic processes consumed me and I was quite good at mimicking– becoming quite the expert for a time.

      But even before I discovered my Japanese ex-husband had acted on his fantasies molesting our daughter, I was frustrated with the way adult men fawned over schoolgirls while women and society in general looked the other way. Now foreigners too, they seem to think it’s all innocent because it’s “Japan” and the Japanese who are apparently above reproach when it comes to morality.

      My ex was into foreign preteen girls for the most part and the photo books he bought contained titillating…naturalistic images were so readily available and popular in Japan. And even today, this type of material skirts more recent laws banning child porn, as does the “idoru” industry that is massive and more prevalent than ever “in-your-face” with entire areas of Tokyo practically dedicated to promoting child-like beauty to adult men.

      The tolerance of this within the culture, and the “blind eye” of the foreigners who love Japan, are passively condoning pedophilia at the worst– or at best they are excusing immature men who do not appreciate the beauty of women their own age because they are “overworked” and need an outlet. Seriously?

      You’ve got me worked up again Hausfrau. My own children simply believe their dad was a bad person (he was) and dismiss the cultural influence. I however know differently as I was the one who dismissed my ex having titillating images of little girls as the material was available in local department stores at the time and his own mother was not alarmed by his collection other than the cost involved. I turned a blind-eye because the materials were all over the place meaning that many had to be partaking. And if that were so, then wouldn’t there be perpetrators everywhere around me? No, no…not the Japanese! Well even as there are reports that nearly every young woman in their teens was publically groped and other reports of rampant child trafficking, there is little acknowledgement/research into root cause.

      I have been latent for awhile on this subject. Thank you for waking me.


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