Blogs I Like (and you might too!)


My award was missing an image so I chose this to represent!

Yoshida-san from Japanese Insider Site kindly nominated me for the “Blogger’s Recognition Award”  which I humbly accept.  Thank you for thinking of old Bonsai!

Per the rules, I am to tell you why I started blogging (because I wrote a book called “The Six Foot Bonsai”) and provide two bits of advice (read more than you write and comment often!)  Additionally I must nominate 15 others who in turn are to post their award, tell why they started blogging, provide two pieces of advice and obviously nominate and inform 15 others while promoting their blogs with links and descriptions.  That’s the deal in a nutshell.

While these awards can have a “chain letter-like” feel to them, I do think it is a good opportunity to give back to those we admire.  So here are some of my favorite blogs/bloggers in no particular order:

  1. Katherineotto  is a nature lover that tries to leave a small footprint on this earth.  She leads a lifestyle I admire and for that reason I’m always checking in to see how she’s creatively managing without convenience.
  2. Deadly Troubadour (a.k.a Brent Thomas) and I have Japan in common (there will be several nominees that share this thread).  He lives there with his Japanese wife and children.  I’m not into fantasy fiction, but he has published a book by the same name and the cover art is intriguing.  I’ve never told him but I find his profile pic really adorable.
  3. Singledust like myself, is a survivor of a horrible marriage to an oppressor/abuser.  Gina is from Malaysia where she lives with her four children.  She believes that a single speck of dust can make a difference. Her thoughtful feedback and comments really touch my heart.
  4. Melissa Pressor is a wonderful writer and Jesus lover. Her blog “God is in Your Typewriter” contains one beautiful post after another.  Her mindfulness of how Christ is everywhere is inspirational.
  5. Wheat Wanderings is an eclectic travel writer with opinions!  She (I believe this written by a lady) calls out injustice when she sees it in between telling us about the sites and tastes of some pretty exotic places!
  6. Mark Makino is a philosophical thinker and consummate English instructor. Mark: My Words is a great blog for teachers, especially those teaching at the college/adult level. On the side he throws down a few insights about the Japanese culture that could only come from someone with his experience and wisdom.  His comments and questions challenge my thinking.
  7. Daniel Paul Marshall has a wonderful eye for structures with most of his subjects being buildings in Korea.  Sometimes he throws in a bit of poetry to compliment.  He is a thoughtful blogger whose comments I treasure even though I don’t always agree.
  8. The Obstinate Nail is another Japanophile English teacher living in Japan with a Japanese wife and children.  What is different about this chap is really into calligraphy.  He’s also a fantastic artist.  I was lured by his obstinate nature which is the opposite of what is required to be a good gaijin (foreigner).
  9. Mr. Johnson’s Blog and I go way back.  He was one of my early followers. You can always count on Mr. J to cheer you up with some witty comment!
  10. Pete’s Alaska is as pure a blog as they come.  Mr. Pete covers a wide variety of topics from politics to God to his life in Alaska obviously.
  11. The Ex-Otaku is a new discovery as of today!  I like the fact that this young man has come to the realization that there is a real Japan underneath all of the anime hoopla.  He takes great street pictures too!
  12. Catholic in the 21st Century is an anime fan with a Christian perspective.  There is a real genuineness and transparency to his writing that I appreciate. He writes about his own frailties and aspects of anime that attract and repel him (as a Christian) all at once.
  13. Dad Watches Anime sets an example for parents on being engaged in the activities their children enjoy.  He was one of my early followers and I appreciate his willingness to explore all aspects of the popular culture.
  14. Secret Angel is an introspective blogger who understands the complexities of brokenness in our lives and the restorative power of God.
  15. Papberry is sweet and lovely young woman who seeks to spread God’s word through the sharing of testimonies.  Her heart is big and her blog is well-followed.

If any of these descriptions appeal to you please visit these lovely folks and give them a read!  And for those nominated, don’t feel obligated to accept.  But gosh, who doesn’t want a cheesy bowling trophy?


16 thoughts on “Blogs I Like (and you might too!)

  1. Thank you so much for the mention! But like dust I always like to hide in the hidden places and feel very overwhelmed with your generosity of sharing my very humble blog. But I thank you again for the strength you have given me in your words and sharing – you are brave and resilient and much adored.

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      • thank you my dear! for your kindness and gentleness. It’s not easy to have light or see light, I must confess I found my soulmate from blogging, he is a very dear friend and knows me better than myself, across the miles that separate us he has reached out and seen some of that light, he is a friend like no other and if you have the chance read his poetry though his stories are what gets to me all the time. We need people like him and you, bright souls who inspire even while walking through the darkness you have to go through, you shine so dull ones like mine have hope of being seen as light again. here’s my dedication to him if you have the time no obligation to read –


  2. Wow, thanks for mentioning my blog! I’ve been reading your past posts and I’m enjoying your take on controversial Japanese culture points. I’m rooting for your blog and looking out for that book you wrote.

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    • It was a lot of work actually to look through the many wonderful blogs that I follow and select. It took me a full day. And I found myself wavering between givers like yourself who bless us and the less followed. In the end I chose to feature many (but not all) underdogs with good messages or interesting perspectives. There are so many more too. I always wanted a bowling trophy but my high score might be 120. Thus I chose this lovely representation of the one I might get someday in an old ladies league!

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  3. Congratulations in advance! You are worthy of the award. Thank you for the mention although I still have so much to learn. To be able to gain some online friends is more than rewarding to me. Thanks for the the links and descriptions. Appreciate them 🙂

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  4. Bonsai,

    Thanks so much for your nomination. I’ve already been thinking of writing a blog crediting my favorite others, people I consider friends, even though we’ve never met. Your blog is always informative and inspiring, and I appreciate your open-minded responses to questions and comments.

    It will take a little time to do justice to your nomination, with my own list of favorites, but I’ll give it thought and post within the next few days. Will also check out your recommendations and credit you with directing me to their sites.

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  5. Thank you so much for mentioning me, how very kind of you! I also love your writing and also look forward to your posts, filled with beauty and honesty. God bless you my friend!

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