The Japanese Free Verse Poetry of Giniro Natsuo

During in the mid-90's when I was living alone in Japan and not mentally well, I came upon the free verse poetry of Giniro Natsuo.  I don't recall when or where I came across my first book as they weren't all that commonplace, but quickly I was hooked.  Soon I owned every last edition which … Continue reading The Japanese Free Verse Poetry of Giniro Natsuo



  Some days not every one, I run to the beach where I gather, big dark rocks-- ones I can lug or roll, to the site of my cryptic SOS.   A  seagull's footprints around a dead fish, thrown up by yesterday's storm, make me wonder, "Why so weak?  Were you old?"   I watch … Continue reading Seiche

Intercultural Relationships: 10 Questions to Ponder

#intercultural #multicultural #culturematters More and more our cultures are mingling-- melding, merging and blending. The metaphorical "melting pot" has gone beyond a handful of burgeoning "new lands" who received the tired, poor and huddled masses, who in turn created pockets of their own in ethnic neighborhoods; to inter-familial mixing and multicultural blends and new breeds. … Continue reading Intercultural Relationships: 10 Questions to Ponder

Finding Beauty In The Brokenness

Look at this glass!  Can you believe it was once trash? Chipped, cracked or completely broken into a thousand shards-- each smaller piece once part of something larger and useful but later discarded. Thrown into the cleansing water of the big lake, these gems spent decades I suspect  being pushed forward by storms from the … Continue reading Finding Beauty In The Brokenness

Fav Blog of the Month!

Michael Philip Atkins takes pictures of Japan that make me want to go back even though I vowed I never would! I particularly like his shitamachi shots-- the ones showing narrow streets  lined with mom and pops.  That's the Japan I first loved and Mr. Atkins captures so well.