The Unintended Dog Whisperer

"You can do this!" I thought as I walked into our little rental cottage. In the corner of the room, in a kennel too small for the accused, a fierce young German Shepard was waiting.  It was Sunday, Mother's Day and there wasn't a shelter open.  My son had called asking for transport assistance.  It … Continue reading The Unintended Dog Whisperer


Dear Estranged Mom

Dear Estranged Mom, I don't know your circumstance, but there is one thing I do know and that is you never ever wanted things to turn out this way; not for yourself nor your child. And while you may have made mistakes big, small or unknown, God knows every hair on your head-- and most … Continue reading Dear Estranged Mom

TGIF! The Japanese Custom of “Botoru Kiipu”

At small pubs in Japan it is customary to allow patrons to purchase an entire bottle of liquor and hold it for them to drink whenever they stop in.  To keep the vessels straight, the owner typically writes their name on the label with a maker pen.  This is known as "Bottle Keep." The empty shochu … Continue reading TGIF! The Japanese Custom of “Botoru Kiipu”

Karaoke Queen

I had been an exchange student in Tokyo, a bride on Sado, a caregiver of a dying Japanese grandmother and an "education mama" raising my children firmly in the culture.  Now I was going to be something else-- a jet-setting karaoke queen." From The Six-Foot Bonsai I first encountered karaoke in 1982.  I was on … Continue reading Karaoke Queen

May’s Fav. Blog: US->Japan->India

This anonymous young mom is a relatively new blogger who writes of Japan, bilingual education and travel.  Soon she will be sharing her new adventure from her new home in India.  I admire this lady's insights, confidence and sense of adventure.  Please visit her site and follow her journey!  (Link) Warmly, Bonsai