Seven Days, Seven B&W Photos…

The cat waits knowing I am leaving for the day.  “Will she remember to call my name and say ‘Bye bye!’” she thinks.


An 18 year-old shyochu bottle sits upon a shelf.  It was my company’s bottle kept. One step closer to closure. 

Passing this sign on my walk to work.  “Stark” comes to mind.  All of my life I have loved nature’s ominous backdrop of foreboding grey.





Tonight the waves sound like a train from my bedroom.  On Saturday I’ll comb this beach once more…








…in search of brokenness to restore or













“It is well. It is well with me.”



7 thoughts on “Seven Days, Seven B&W Photos…

    • Thanks Pink! I haven’t been so much in the writing mood with work and loving on (hugging) random strangers on the street. I think the photos are good representation of my daily life these days. The requirement of the assignment was “no people” in the pics. Otherwise my better half Kent would have been included!

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    • Hi Sharon! Likewise! We need to figure out something we can do together. I do walk a lot when I’m in town. On the weekends I often head out on some random city path…maybe that’s something we can do. I am also interested in the Maker’s Trail passport that is around these days promoting wineries and breweries. I want to get all of my stamps!

      Otherwise I’ve been quiet on the blogging front. I don’t exactly know why but somehow my capacity is low now. Part of it I think is my current relentless walking that takes so much time! I just keep moving! I really appreciate you reaching out to me! Please don’t give up!

      Currently I’m working from the UP but from next week on I’ll be in St. Joe for 3 weeks straight.

      Blessings to you lovely lady!

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