"Grander earth has quaked before Moved by the sound of His voice Seas that are shaken and stirred Can be calmed and broken for my regard" "It is Well" by Bethel Music


Dear Estranged Mom

Dear Estranged Mom, I don't know your circumstance, but there is one thing I do know and that is you never ever wanted things to turn out this way; not for yourself nor your child. And while you may have made mistakes big, small or unknown, God knows every hair on your head-- and most … Continue reading Dear Estranged Mom

Finding Beauty In The Brokenness

Look at this glass!  Can you believe it was once trash? Chipped, cracked or completely broken into a thousand shards-- each smaller piece once part of something larger and useful but later discarded. Thrown into the cleansing water of the big lake, these gems spent decades I suspect  being pushed forward by storms from the … Continue reading Finding Beauty In The Brokenness

Our March Towards Madness

Cultural differences have existed as long as humanity. Our social forms and norms defined by place, time and strength of voice--- dictating ethics for everyone belonging to a particular society or group.  In the past, we would look at other cultures, see their ways, and make arguments for or against, but generally, as we rarely commingled, … Continue reading Our March Towards Madness

The Resilience of Trees and Humans

"There's an unusual delineation.  In the first few years of life she was just another unfettered white pine growing at a rapid rate.  Each ring around her heartwood is clearly defined." Obviously cultured by someone at some point, it was unclear how the odd specimen ended up living and dying where it did; in a … Continue reading The Resilience of Trees and Humans