One Thing You Must Not Buy (or buy into) in Japan

While many industrialized countries have sex industries most prefer to keep such activities behind the scenes.  Japan doesn't bother  nor or do they mind going below the line.   The line we are talking about here is the reasonable age that most of the modern world has accepted children become adults-- that is 18 years. … Continue reading One Thing You Must Not Buy (or buy into) in Japan


Father Sir

Spencer Arthur Carroll is a name that sounds as if it should be preceded by Sir, but he's a gritty, all-American Mr from Michigan. Hardworking and practical, "If there's a will, there's a way" may have been his motto" as we watched him do the impossible over and over again.  How impressed was I as … Continue reading Father Sir


  Some days not every one, I run to the beach where I gather, big dark rocks-- ones I can lug or roll, to the site of my cryptic SOS.   A  seagull's footprints around a dead fish, thrown up by yesterday's storm, make me wonder, "Why so weak?  Were you old?"   I watch … Continue reading Seiche

Our March Towards Madness

Cultural differences have existed as long as humanity. Our social forms and norms defined by place, time and strength of voice--- dictating ethics for everyone belonging to a particular society or group.  In the past, we would look at other cultures, see their ways, and make arguments for or against, but generally, as we rarely commingled, … Continue reading Our March Towards Madness