One Thing You Must Not Buy (or buy into) in Japan

While many industrialized countries have sex industries, most prefer to keep such activities in the back alley; behind the scenes.  Japan doesn't bother.   And, while there may be a segment of the population in first world countries that prefers underage girls; it certainly isn't the majority.  No.  Such desires are considered taboo. In Japan … Continue reading One Thing You Must Not Buy (or buy into) in Japan

Father Sir

Spencer Arthur Carroll is a name that sounds as if it should be preceded by Sir, but he's a gritty, all-American Mr from Michigan. Hardworking and practical, "If there's a will, there's a way" may have been his motto" as we watched him do the impossible over and over again.  How impressed was I as … Continue reading Father Sir


  Some days not every one, I run to the beach where I gather, big dark rocks-- ones I can lug or roll, to the site of my cryptic SOS.   A  seagull's footprints around a dead fish, thrown up by yesterday's storm, make me wonder, "Why so weak?  Were you old?"   I watch … Continue reading Seiche

Our March Towards Madness

Cultural differences have existed as long as humanity. Our social forms and norms defined by place, time and strength of voice--- dictating ethics for everyone belonging to a particular society or group.  In the past, we would look at other cultures, see their ways, and make arguments for or against, but generally, as we rarely commingled, … Continue reading Our March Towards Madness