The Japanese Free Verse Poetry of Giniro Natsuo

During in the mid-90's when I was living alone in Japan and not mentally well, I came upon the free verse poetry of Giniro Natsuo.  I don't recall when or where I came across my first book as they weren't all that commonplace, but quickly I was hooked.  Soon I owned every last edition which … Continue reading The Japanese Free Verse Poetry of Giniro Natsuo



  Some days not every one, I run to the beach where I gather, big dark rocks-- ones I can lug or roll, to the site of my cryptic SOS.   A  seagull's footprints around a dead fish, thrown up by yesterday's storm, make me wonder, "Why so weak?  Were you old?"   I watch … Continue reading Seiche

Muted Me

The muted me appeared. Attached to my feet, longer than usual, against a backdrop of pure snow. The less-ness me, without face, color, or detail... changing height (and width) as I turned. Still in control. I see her from time to time when the light is right, and I chose to pay attention. But on … Continue reading Muted Me

My Rabbit Ears

Once I bought some rabbit ears. Hoping to see something beyond my window, a supplement to a stack of stale DVDs.   The one channel I could see, had news from afar; a town three hours from me. And in the morning, before the sun, the farm report was read from a simple stage. No flash, … Continue reading My Rabbit Ears