I Hit a Cyclist and…

Roughly twenty-five percent of American drivers have been involved in some sort of auto accident in the past five years.  Six years ago I was involved in car-bike crash.  I was the driver and that day changed my life. It was a sunny summer evening and I was facing west about to turn south.  The … Continue reading I Hit a Cyclist and…


Muted Me

The muted me appeared. Attached to my feet, longer than usual, against a backdrop of pure snow. The less-ness me, without face, color, or detail... changing height (and width) as I turned. Still in control. I see her from time to time when the light is right, and I chose to pay attention. But on … Continue reading Muted Me

The Resilience of Trees and Humans

"There's an unusual delineation.  In the first few years of life she was just another unfettered white pine growing at a rapid rate.  Each ring around her heartwood is clearly defined." Obviously cultured by someone at some point, it was unclear how the odd specimen ended up living and dying where it did; in a … Continue reading The Resilience of Trees and Humans