One Thing You Must Not Buy (or buy into) in Japan

While many industrialized countries have sex industries, most prefer to keep such activities in the back alley; behind the scenes.  Japan doesn't bother.   And, while there may be a segment of the population in first world countries that prefers underage girls; it certainly isn't the majority.  No.  Such desires are considered taboo. In Japan … Continue reading One Thing You Must Not Buy (or buy into) in Japan

TGIF! The Japanese Custom of “Botoru Kiipu”

At small pubs in Japan it is customary to allow patrons to purchase an entire bottle of liquor and hold it for them to drink whenever they stop in.  To keep the vessels straight, the owner typically writes their name on the label with a maker pen.  This is known as "Bottle Keep." The empty shochu … Continue reading TGIF! The Japanese Custom of “Botoru Kiipu”

Karaoke Queen

I had been an exchange student in Tokyo, a bride on Sado, a caregiver of a dying Japanese grandmother and an "education mama" raising my children firmly in the culture.  Now I was going to be something else-- a jet-setting karaoke queen." From The Six-Foot Bonsai I first encountered karaoke in 1982.  I was on … Continue reading Karaoke Queen

May’s Fav. Blog: US->Japan->India

This anonymous young mom is a relatively new blogger who writes of Japan, bilingual education and travel.  Soon she will be sharing her new adventure from her new home in India.  I admire this lady's insights, confidence and sense of adventure.  Please visit her site and follow her journey!  (Link) Warmly, Bonsai

Intercultural Relationships: 10 Questions to Ponder

#intercultural #multicultural #culturematters More and more our cultures are mingling-- melding, merging and blending. The metaphorical "melting pot" has gone beyond a handful of burgeoning "new lands" who received the tired, poor and huddled masses, who in turn created pockets of their own in ethnic neighborhoods; to inter-familial mixing and multicultural blends and new breeds. … Continue reading Intercultural Relationships: 10 Questions to Ponder

Finding Beauty In The Brokenness

Look at this glass!  Can you believe it was once trash? Chipped, cracked or completely broken into a thousand shards-- each smaller piece once part of something larger and useful but later discarded. Thrown into the cleansing water of the big lake, these gems spent decades I suspect  being pushed forward by storms from the … Continue reading Finding Beauty In The Brokenness

The Problem With Japan and Cute

No Ordinary Pedophile: Japan's Tendency Toward Cuteness By now most everyone in the world knows about Japanese anime-- their wonderfully imaginative cartoons.  If you are unfamiliar or only vaguely aware, the Japanese manufacture tons of comics, animation and related products. While most of it is uniquely creative and entertaining, a certain portion should cause consumers to … Continue reading The Problem With Japan and Cute

Review: “Made in Japan From an Anthropological and Psychoanalytic Perspective”

Over the past 35 years Japan has really carved out a niche for itself when it comes to consumer goods.  For every item one can imagine, there are so many variations; some very sophisticated and luxurious, others unbelievably fanciful or cute.  The Japanese are simply the best at making products that entice.  And why is … Continue reading Review: “Made in Japan From an Anthropological and Psychoanalytic Perspective”