One Thing You Must Not Buy (or buy into) in Japan

While many industrialized countries have sex industries, most prefer to keep such activities in the back alley; behind the scenes.  Japan doesn't bother.   And, while there may be a segment of the population in first world countries that prefers underage girls; it certainly isn't the majority.  No.  Such desires are considered taboo. In Japan … Continue reading One Thing You Must Not Buy (or buy into) in Japan

Karaoke Queen

I had been an exchange student in Tokyo, a bride on Sado, a caregiver of a dying Japanese grandmother and an "education mama" raising my children firmly in the culture.  Now I was going to be something else-- a jet-setting karaoke queen." From The Six-Foot Bonsai I first encountered karaoke in 1982.  I was on … Continue reading Karaoke Queen

The Problem With Japan and Cute

No Ordinary Pedophile: Japan's Tendency Toward Cuteness By now most everyone in the world knows about Japanese anime-- their wonderfully imaginative cartoons.  If you are unfamiliar or only vaguely aware, the Japanese manufacture tons of comics, animation and related products. While most of it is uniquely creative and entertaining, a certain portion should cause consumers to … Continue reading The Problem With Japan and Cute