The Office Pony

My daughter picked me up in a town familiar. We were both going to an interview at the same place.  I had a job (maybe she did as well) but we were looking for something new.  In the car sat my mother.  Why she'd come along I hadn't a clue. It was late and I … Continue reading The Office Pony


May’s Fav. Blog: US->Japan->India

This anonymous young mom is a relatively new blogger who writes of Japan, bilingual education and travel.  Soon she will be sharing her new adventure from her new home in India.  I admire this lady's insights, confidence and sense of adventure.  Please visit her site and follow her journey!  (Link) Warmly, Bonsai

The Japanese Free Verse Poetry of Giniro Natsuo

During in the mid-90's when I was living alone in Japan and not mentally well, I came upon the free verse poetry of Giniro Natsuo.  I don't recall when or where I came across my first book as they weren't all that commonplace, but quickly I was hooked.  Soon I owned every last edition which … Continue reading The Japanese Free Verse Poetry of Giniro Natsuo


  Some days not every one, I run to the beach where I gather, big dark rocks-- ones I can lug or roll, to the site of my cryptic SOS.   A  seagull's footprints around a dead fish, thrown up by yesterday's storm, make me wonder, "Why so weak?  Were you old?"   I watch … Continue reading Seiche