"Grander earth has quaked before Moved by the sound of His voice Seas that are shaken and stirred Can be calmed and broken for my regard" "It is Well" by Bethel Music


Priceless, Flawless…You

  Like many, I have eclectic music tastes.  I can jump from Eminem to The Grateful Dead to Rod Stewart and everything in between. My favorite artistically is the Talking Heads and has been for more than 30 years if that tells you anything.  And while I used to listen to the same variety at … Continue reading Priceless, Flawless…You

Review: “Made in Japan From an Anthropological and Psychoanalytic Perspective”

Over the past 35 years Japan has really carved out a niche for itself when it comes to consumer goods.  For every item one can imagine, there are so many variations; some very sophisticated and luxurious, others unbelievably fanciful or cute.  The Japanese are simply the best at making products that entice.  And why is … Continue reading Review: “Made in Japan From an Anthropological and Psychoanalytic Perspective”

Our March Towards Madness

Cultural differences have existed as long as humanity. Our social forms and norms defined by place, time and strength of voice--- dictating ethics for everyone belonging to a particular society or group.  In the past, we would look at other cultures, see their ways, and make arguments for or against, but generally, as we rarely commingled, … Continue reading Our March Towards Madness