Reasons You Should Read “The Six-Foot Bonsai”

1. You are obsessed with Japanese culture but it's not where you were born and raised 2. You think you know all there is to know about Japan; or at least you think you know a lot 3. You've fantasized about marrying a Japanese guy... 4. You've started to work on your "kawaii-ness" and fear … Continue reading Reasons You Should Read “The Six-Foot Bonsai”


Cicada Memories

Semi no nakigoe o kikoeru to, Sadogashima no ma-natsu omoidasu. Semi no kara o mitsukeru to, sono natsu no yo wa sugu.   "Whenever I hear the cicada's cry I recall Sado Island's mid-summer. When I find a cicada carcass shell, that summer night is close at hand."  

…And They Said, “You are More Japanese than Japanese”

Much of what was portrayed was natural preteen behavior, but some scenes were uncompromisingly vulgar-- drawn for the voyeuistic pleasure of men.  In all cases, private parts of both males and females were poorly disguised, though in some fashion blurred or muted.  In some cases vaginas were depicted as voids or black holes. It seemed … Continue reading …And They Said, “You are More Japanese than Japanese”

One Thing You Must Not Buy (or buy into) in Japan

While many industrialized countries have sex industries most prefer to keep such activities behind the scenes.  Japan doesn't bother  nor or do they mind going below the line.   The line we are talking about here is the reasonable age that most of the modern world has accepted children become adults-- that is 18 years. … Continue reading One Thing You Must Not Buy (or buy into) in Japan

TGIF! The Japanese Custom of “Botoru Kiipu”

At small pubs in Japan it is customary to allow patrons to purchase an entire bottle of liquor and hold it for them to drink whenever they stop in.  To keep the vessels straight, the owner typically writes their name on the label with a maker pen.  This is known as "Bottle Keep." The empty shochu … Continue reading TGIF! The Japanese Custom of “Botoru Kiipu”

Karaoke Queen

I had been an exchange student in Tokyo, a bride on Sado, a caregiver of a dying Japanese grandmother and an "education mama" raising my children firmly in the culture.  Now I was going to be something else-- a jet-setting karaoke queen." From The Six-Foot Bonsai I first encountered karaoke in 1982.  I was on … Continue reading Karaoke Queen

May’s Fav. Blog: US->Japan->India

This anonymous young mom is a relatively new blogger who writes of Japan, bilingual education and travel.  Soon she will be sharing her new adventure from her new home in India.  I admire this lady's insights, confidence and sense of adventure.  Please visit her site and follow her journey!  (Link) Warmly, Bonsai